The following is a list of twenty most representative and sample publications by Daniel. A complete list of all publications, consultancy work, conference papers, speeches and other contributions, is available on request.

1. The African Garrison State: Human Rights and Political Development in Eritrea (James Currey: Woodbridge, 2nd. rev. ed. 2017) – co-authorship with Kjetil Tronvoll (first edition of 2014 included in the prestigious list of “Outstanding Academic Titles” of 2015, published by the CHOICE magazine of the American Library Association, the oldest and largest library association in the world).

2. “The Link between Nuclear Disarmament and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” in Jonathan L. Black-Branch & Dieter Fleck (eds.), Non-Proliferation in International Law: Legal Challenges for Nuclear Deterrence and Nuclear Security, Volume V (Springer/Asser Press, 2020, in press), pp. 291-304.

3. “African Perspectives on Denuclearisation and the Use of Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Purposes,” in Jonathan L. Black-Branch & Dieter Fleck (eds.), Non-Proliferation in International Law: Legal Issues of Non-Proliferation, Disarmament and the Right to Nuclear Energy, Volume IV (Springer/Asser Press, 2019), pp. 167-187.

4. “Complicity in Torture: The Accountability of the EU for Human Rights Abuses against Refugees and Migrants in Libya,” in Mirjam van Reisen and Munyaradzi Mawere (eds.), Mobile Africa: Human Trafficking and Digital Divide (Langaa, 2019), pp. 673-695, co-authorship with Wegi Sereke.

5. “Other Military Headquarters: African Union,” in Dieter Fleck (ed.), The Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2nd rev. edn., 2018), pp. 526-532.

6. “Prosecuting Sinai Trafficking: An Overview of Options,” in Mirjam van Reisen and Munyaradzi Mawere (eds.), Human Trafficking and Trauma in the Digital Era: The Ongoing Tragedy of the Trade in Refugees from Eritrea (Langaa RPCIG: Cameroon, 2017), pp. 466-498, co-authorship with Wegi Sereke.

7. “Business and Investment Laws in Eritrea,” in IBFD Collection Country Surveys (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation: Amsterdam, 2017).

8. “Eritrea,” in Diana Vinding and Cæcilie Mikkelsen (eds.), The Yearbook of the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (Copenhagen: IWGIA, 2017), pp. 480-484, co-authorship with Kjetil Tronvoll.

9. “The Case for Crimes Against Humanity in Eritrea: Assessing the Reports of the Two UN Fact Finding Missions,” Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies (2016) 7(2), pp. 221-256.

10. “The State of Eritrea: Introductory Note,” in Rüdiger Wolfrum et al (eds.), Constitutions of the Countries of the World (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), pp. 1-32.

11. “Patterns of Legal Mixing in Eritrea: Examining the Impact of Customary Law, Islamic Law, Colonial Law, Socialist Law and Authoritarian Revolutionary Dogma,” in Vernon Palmer et al (eds.), Mixed Legal Systems, East and West (Tailor & Francis,  Surrey, 2015), pp. 151-166.

12. “EU Development Cooperation: The Contours of Global and National Engagement,” in Paul Gready and Wouter Vandenhole (eds) Human Rights and Development in the new Millennium: Towards a Theory of Change (Routledge: New York & London, 2014), pp. 131-148, co-authorship with Mirjam van Reisen.

13. “Nuclear Weapon Free Zones: The Political Context,” in Gro Nystuen, Stuart Casey-Maslen and Annie Golden Bersagel (eds.), Nuclear Weapons under International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2014), co-authorship with Cecilie Hellestveit, pp. 347-373.

14. “The Troubled Relationship of State and Religion in Eritrea,” African Human Rights Law Journal 14 (2014), pp. 244-265, co-authorship with Selam Kidane.

15. “Contested Versions of Collective Memory in Post-Independence Eritrea,” African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review (2013) 3(2), pp. 151-170.

16. “The EU Lisbon Treaty and EU Development Cooperation: Considerations for a Revised EU Strategy on Development Cooperation in Eritrea,” Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America / Verfassung und Recht in Übersee 45(3) (2012): 324–344, co-authorship with Mirjam van Reisen.

17. “Transitional Justice Implications for the Use of Child Soldiers in Eritrea,” in Ilse Derluyn et al (eds) Re-Member: Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Reconciliation of Children Affected by War (Intersensia: Antwerp, 2012), pp. 263–281.

18. “Favourable Awards to Trans-Boundary Indigenous Peoples,” Australian Indigenous Law Review 2012 16(1), pp. 60-76, co-authorship with Simon M. Weldehaimanot.

19. “Indigenous Legal Tradition as a Supplement to African Transitional Justice Initiatives,” African Journal on Conflict Resolution (2010) 10(3), pp. 101–123.

20. “Prosecuting the Main Perpetrators of International Crimes in Eritrea: Possibilities under International Law,” Journal for Juridical Science 2008 33(2), pp. 76–108, co-authorship with Loot Pretorius.