• Independent Consultant based in Geneva, The World Human Rights Capital
  • Committed to helping clients with tailor-made and cutting-edge consultancy services.
  • Available for: consultancy work, short and long-term assignments, in any of the speciality areas listed below.

International Human Rights Law (IHRL), International Refugee Law (IRL), Transitional Justice, Forced Migration, Human Trafficking, and Matters of Global Peace and Security.

About Daniel

Dr. Daniel R. Mekonnen is a human rights lawyer with proven track record in “cause lawyering,” a form of legal activism, involving the deployment of legal and non-legal technics in the pursuit of human rights and the resolution of violent political conflicts.

From his permanent base in Geneva, The World Human Rights Capital, Daniel provides tailor-made and cutting-edge consultancy services, covering the areas of: International Human Rights Law (IHRL), International Refugee Law (IRL), Transitional Justice, Forced Migration, Human Trafficking, and Matters of Global Peace and Security.

Most recently, from January 2016 to December 2018, Daniel has worked as a Consultant for the Brussels-based Europe External Programme with Africa (EEPA), in a multi-year advocacy and research project, titled “EU-Africa Response to Human Trafficking.” In this context, he collaborated,  among other things, in the publication of core chapters for edited volumes of EEPA, and has also organised major side events on the fringes of several regular sessions of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Formerly, Daniel was a Senior Legal Advisor and Research Professor at the Oslo-based International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI). While in Eritrea, he served as Judge of the Central Provincial Court in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. Since March 2017, Daniel is serving as the Director of the Eritrean Law Society (ELS), the only professional association of Eritrean lawyers and jurists, currently based in exile due to the difficult political situation in Eritrea. In this regard, he has led a core team of experts that has successfully implemented a 2.5-year revitalisation plan of ELS, involving the execution of project activities estimated at more than USD 166 000, executed in the context of a zero budget line (entirely on the basis of voluntary contribution of members).

During his time in South Africa, from January 2005 to December 2008, Daniel was Coordinator of the LLM Programme in Reproductive and Sexual Rights at the University of the Free State – an academic programme which was the first of its kind in Africa at the time of its launch. He combined this with his other obligation as the Assistant Editor of the Journal for Juridical Science, a peer-reviewed academic publication of the same university. During this time, he also served for a short period of time as the Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Transitional Justice, at the very initial months of the launch of the journal.

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After obtaining his Doctoral Degree (LLD) in Public International Law from the Faculty of Law at the University of the Free State in 2008, Daniel has spent time in the following institutions of higher education as a post-doctoral researcher and/or as a senior scholar: Human Rights Centre, Ghent University; INTERVICT, Tilburg University; Swiss Institute of Comparative LawIrish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland; Felsberg Institute for Education and Academic ResearchSchool of Law, Queen’s University Belfast; Centre for Migration Law, University of Neuchâtel; Institute for Advanced Study, Central European University; African Studies Centre and International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University; and Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

In the context of various academic and/or research positions assumed in different places and times, Daniel has produced voluminous amount of academic work published by peer-reviewed academic journals and established publishing houses such as: Oxford University PressCambridge University PressRoutledgeBrillAsser/SpringerBoydell & BrewerIntersentiaTaylor & FrancisAfrica World PressReview of African Political EconomyInternational Affairs ForumVerfassung und Recht in Übersee / Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin AmericaAfrican Journal on Conflict ResolutionInternational Quarterly Journal Temperanter, and others. He has also consulted for various projects financed by inter-governmental agencies, such as the AU, the EU, the UN, as well as by leading development agencies and ministries of foreign affairs in Europe. A complete list of consultancy work and publications he has thus far produced is available on request.

Daniel has peer-reviewed articles for the following referred academic journals: African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review (Indiana University Press), African Journal of Legal Studies (Brill), African Human Rights Law Journal (University of Pretoria), Critical Sociology (Sage Publishing, USA), Journal of African Law (Cambridge University Press), Journal for Juridical Science (University of the Free State), Journal of International Migration and Integration (Spinger), Human Rights and International Legal Discourse (Intersentia), International Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research (Premier Publishers), International Journal of Transitional Justice (Oxford University Press), Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law (CASIN), Law, Democracy & Development (University of the Western Cape), Nordic Journal of Human Rights (University of Oslo), Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research (Willey Publishing), Peace & Conflict Studies Journal (Nova Southeastern University), Sociology Study (David Publishing), Third World Quarterly (Tailor & Francis), and Transitional Justice Review (University of Western Ontario).

Daniel’s career path started in October 1991, when he was deployed for one year (until September 1992) as adult education teacher in the Port City of Assab. At a very tender age, he was called to contribute his modest share in alleviating the post-war challenges of the then newly independent State of Eritrea. As part of the first post-independence recipients of a short-term pedagogy training offered by the Teachers’ Training Institute (TTI) in Asmara, he was involved in teaching the gallant freedom fighters of Eritrea, who just accomplished the daunting task of liberating Eritrea after a 30-year war of independence.

Having already worked and lived for a prolonged period of time in a total of nine countries (in addition to Eritrea and Ethiopia), Daniel has earned the nickname of an “International Working Nomad.” In different times, he worked, researched, and/or lectured in the following countries: South Africa (Stellenbosch, Pretoria & Bloemfontein) Belgium (Ghent), Holland (Tilburg & Leiden), Ireland (Galway), Germany (Felsberg/Kassel) UK (Belfast), Norway (Oslo), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Luzern and Neuchâtel), and Hungary (Budapest).